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How is Solar Power Converted to Electricity?

Solar power works by capturing the energy from the sun and turning it into electricity for your home or business. Solar panels generate DC electricity similar to a battery. We have to use inverters to convert this DC electricity into AC electricity which can then be used to power household appliances, computers, machinery or industrial equipment.

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Why use solar power at home?

Many homeowners are installing solar power systems to reduce their reliance on ZESCO, lower their electricity bills and make their homes more environmentally friendly or just out of  convenience. Most electricity in a home is used in the early mornings and evenings and not during the day when solar power production is at its maximum. For this reason, we recommend using an off grid or hybrid system with lithium battery storage to store solar power generated during the day and you can make use of all this stored energy to power your home at night.

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Arranging your solar system installation

Once you agree to go ahead with the quote, we will discuss the best payment options for you. We will then get in contact to arrange installation and let you know the next steps.

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Why use solar power at your business?

Businesses are perfectly suited for solar power as most electricity is used during the sunshine hours of the day when solar energy production is at its best. Cooling requirements for businesses also increase as the day gets warmer and peaks in the middle of the day. Grid tied solar power systems are ideal for commercial businesses as the sunshine hours overlap with energy requirements. We design and install solar power systems from 6kW up to 1MW grid tied systems for commercial and industrial business use.

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Use our Solar Calculator

Check exactly what system is required to power your home or business by using our tools and calculators.

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How often should you clean solar panels?

We recommend that you rinse down panels twice a week with clean fresh water then allow to air dry. If there is still residue on panels, use a soft clean wet cloth to wipe down any residue. Note that any abrasive cleaning material or chemicals may cause damage to the surface of the solar panels and performance.

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